El Dorado (1966)

Robert Mitchum is getting sick of these punk ass ways from the villains…

John Wayne has his second movie in the Rio Bravo trilogy with Robert Mitchum playing the drunk sheriff Wayne needs to help in order to save a farm family from the evil schemes of Ed Asner from the Mary Tyler Moore show. Tagging along is James Caan who will show up later on alongside another action movie icon, Schwarzenegger. However, at this current time he is relegated to shooting a shotgun with a widespread but some how still managing to miss most of the time anyway and using his signature weapon, a large throwing knife.

This all leads to a hell of a time with plenty of action and humor to go around. If you over look the fact that there is very little suspense through out the movie and it is basically a couple of top notch actors Schwarzeneggering their way through a bunch of disposal villains including the two leaders, this movie is sure to entertain you and leave you feeling like it was well worth what ever money you spent on this one.

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