Arabesque (1966)

One lazy Sunday afternoon some writer during the 1960s decided to use their typewriter to make a story off the cuff and this was the result right here, totally disposable…

This is one of those movies that seems to be all about style yet at the same time is so incredibly trendy that when it is over you can barely remember what it was about in the first place. A professor is murdered during an examination and another professor is assigned to figure out a cypher.

I suppose one issue with this movie is that it was clearly written by a jaded writer who would be amused if you tried to figure out what they wrote in the first place. We go through half a dozen different characters getting killed some of which are treated in such a cavalier fashion that we obviously should not have cared for them in the first place.

I think one of the biggest issues with this movie is that it seemed like somebody else’s answer to James Bond, but why not just watch James Bond instead of a pale imitation? I suppose at the time this was the layman’s alternative version, but this movie lasts about as long as one of our Bond movie counter parts today. It just doesn’t make that much of a difference all of these decades later despite having Gregory Peck chewing about as much scenery as he can get his hands on with a director who clearly wanted more flash and less of anything else.

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