Thunderball (1965)

Thunderball was the fourth in the James Bond series and is by far the most boring/probably the worst movie in the series from the 1960s. Every time I see this one I am pretty unimpressed with it so let’s make the review kind of quick.

Specter comes up with a plan to have one of their guys hijack a plane and crash it into the water so that they can steal a couple of bombs from the plane. Bond goes to another tropical island to get the bombs back so that England is not held for ransom by Specter. This all finishes up with an underwater fight, which might be the only good part of the movie. That is not entirely true, though.

For the first five minutes of this movie it actually seems kind of promising because it starts with a great sight gag of Bond punching out what appears to be a widow until we find out it was actually an agent in disguise and they have a great fight between them before Bond kills the guy and escapes with his trusty jetpack. It’s the rest of the movie with its convoluted plot and uneven pacing that is the real mess. Skip this one unless you are a James Bond purist and want to see every single one of them in the series.

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