Haunting (1963)

Loud noises!

Haunting is a pretty interesting horror movie about some people who go to a haunted house in an isolated location away from most people and spend a couple of days and nights there. While there they are plagued by the ghosts of the place called Hill House, which includes banging noises on their doors and their names being written on the walls. They do an exploration of the entire house and find among other things a nursery with a cold spot in front of it and a library with a really rickety spiral staircase.

One of the people falls in love with the guy in charge named Prof. Markway but when they find out that the goodly professor is already married to the same woman who plays Moneypenny from James Bond of all things all hell starts to break loose and it all leads up to an interesting ending when the ghosts of the house completely take over and do what ever they can to make sure that the one they want never truly leaves Hill House.

This is an incredibly atmospheric movie and I remember really enjoying this one when I was younger, although maybe not quite as much now. Too many envelopes get pushed despite a lack of anything truly serious and the movie carries itself with way too much self consciousness and pretension for it to be that entertaining of a movie. Personally, I will stick with the much campier dark house movies out there such as the movie made by Castle just a couple of years before this one came out. No offense, Hill House.

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