Goldfinger (1964)

Hey, look. It’s that one level from Nightfire. o_0

Goldfinger is the third movie in the James Bond series and probably one of the best ones in the series although it will be a few more movies before we get to some of my favorite ones in the series. Bond gets captured when he goes to a facility run by a guy named Goldfinger and finds out while he is a prisoner that Goldfinger plans to use some knock out gas to rob quite possibly the biggest bank in the world, Fort Knox. Even his comrades in arms from different crime syndicates think that his plan is ridiculous but nothing is stopping Goldfinger from getting his greedy mitts on that sweet gold.

Along the way Bond meets a couple of other interesting characters such as a woman who must have been pretty progressive at the time because they can make their entire body a weapon and use martial arts. Atta girl, Blackmann. He also meets an interesting Asian guy named Oddjob who also knows some of those cool looking martial arts moves and can throw his hat around like a frisbee to decapitate statues and kill a couple of people. This all finishes up with an exciting conclusion at Fort Knox.

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