Murder Most Foul (1964)

Hold on to your seats for this one, people.

Ms. Marple shows up in her third movie when she joins a play acting group to find out which one of them in the group is the murderer of a dead woman who also used to be an actress and was found dead at a small home. She quickly finds out that one of the people in the acting group had some money taken out of his account, which makes him look like the culprit but he ends up getting poisoned and the hunt continues for the real murderer.

This all leads to a thrilling conclusion when Ms. Marple uses an actual fire arm to take out the murderer. We also get some pretty good comic relief from the guy in charge of the group trying to put on a play when he falls through a trapdoor not once but twice while on stage at two different times. Definitely one of the more forgettable movies in the series but still pretty entertaining and worth watching at least a couple of times if you like old black and white thrillers as much as I seem to do.

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