Magnificent Seven (1960)

Duck you, sucker, or James Coburn will knife you.

We get this western about seven guys who go to a small town in Mexico to take care of some bandits. I thought it would be nice to take a break from the usual horror/thriller schlock and watch something inspirational during this corona shut down now that February is coming towards an end with its numbing blah feel. Yul Brynner is in charge and he’s taking a break from his musical stuff such as King and I while he’s got a pretty good supporting cast to back him up with Steve McQueen and James Coburn along with several other guys.

We also get a pretty good villain with this Mexican guy who also was in one of the parts for How the West Was Won. This movie has a lot of good action and an upbeat western feel to it. It also has a pretty good musical score to accompany the action scenes and it is very memorable. We also get a pretty good lesson about maybe not traveling on the wind so much and hanging your spurs up.

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