Murder at the Gallop (1963)

Get those horses rolling, Ms. Marple.

Ms. Marple makes another appearance in this movie when she goes to a horse ranch to solve the murder of a man who was frightened to death with a cat at his house. I guess the guy doesn’t like cats quite as much as I do since I don’t think I have ever been scared of them before and usually enjoy seeing cats. To each their own, I guess…

While Ms. Marple is at the ranch she has to do a couple of interesting things such as passing herself off as a horse woman, which involves going for a ride in the country with Robert Morley and at the end of the movie does some kind of a 1960s jig with Mr. Stringer so that it will look like she needs a doctor when it is over. The supporting cast is all pretty good and I found this to be a very enjoyable movie, quite possibly my favorite one in the entire series and not just because I also happen to like horses as well.

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