Charade (1963)

Howdy doo.

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn of all people star in this entertaining thriller that with just the cast alone was risen a couple of notches above most other thriller movies out there during this time. The plot is pretty good, too. A woman is being pursued by a group of people who served in the war and stole some gold. The profits of their ill gotten gains were supposedly in the hands of the woman’s husband. However, now that he has been murdered and thrown off of a train right before the pretty impressive opening credits scene that dates this pretty solidly to the early 1960s nobody in this movie has any idea where the money is or… what it is.

Cary Grant goes up against other criminals such as James Coburn and has a pretty good fight with George Kennedy in his attempt to keep Hepburn safe. However, by the end of the movie when Hepburn thinks that he might actually be responsible for everything Grant is hard pressed to save her in time and get his own hands on the stolen money. This movie not only has two of the best actors for its main leads, but also has a very strong supporting cast with one of my favorite actors from the 1960s, James Coburn, but also the big hulking lug George Kennedy and a pretty solid performance from Walter Matthau who had another solidly entertaining movie we will be getting to soon.

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