Dementia 13 (1963)


Dementia 13 was a slasher horror movie starring the doctor from Zulu as another doctor in this movie and predating Dr. Loomis from the popular Halloween series by about fifteen years. This movie showed up after Hitchcock came out with Psycho and was one of several campy slasher movies to come out during the 1960s while the new phase of horror was just beginning to catch on.

There was another one from this decade that I like as well that we will be getting to later. For the most part, though, this one plays it very straight. We also get some good ambience from the castle and the pond next to it that this movie takes place at and it has a great scene when the doctor and his primary suspect both go to a bar to have some drinks and talk about possible clues to the location of one of the recently murdered bodies.

This movie has a couple of memorable quotes such as “Father’s caught you on a hook”, which would be the clue to unraveling the mystery. Also, the beginning of this movie has probably one of my favorite songs to ever be featured in a movie, He’s Caught by Buddy Fowler and the Fads.

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