Dr. No (1962)

Well, damn…

Sean Connery stars in his first James Bond movie, a series that will be continuing with this blog right up until the present day and also a movie series that makes this entire blog idea of doing at least one movie for every year a whole lot easier. Anyway Bond has his first mission/adventure by going to Jamaica. Jamaica, man. Go to Jamaica.

While there he attempts to find out who is responsible for this sabotage against NASA called rocket toppling(?) Not sure what that is, but what ever it is just can’t be good because two agents who have been investigating this entire deal have already been killed off by the three blind mice/black guys with shades in the first several minutes of the movie.

We have Bond team up with Jack Lord who would go on to be in the Hawaii Five O series and he quickly kills at least one guy by tricking him with the old pillow under a blanket on a bed gag. He then goes to an island where he meets the first Bond girl, Honey Ryder, who of course does her classic coming out of the water scene, which would be parodied later but never improved on.

He then makes his way to the base of Dr. No before they have their final confrontation against each other. The plot of this movie alone should interest most people, not to mention the incredibly gritty/raw introduction for the entire James Bond movie series. You can just tell this movie is old gangster from the opening with the somewhat off key Bond music but also a really great guitar intro. It was clear this movie series would hit the ground running and it’s easy to see why this has gone on for so long, too.

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