Murder She Said (1961)

All aboard for the incredibly charismatic Ms. Marple series of movies.

This was the first of four mystery movies in the Ms. Marple series starring the quirky Margaret Rutherford as the detective, Ms. Marple. It’s also the most atmospheric of the four movies and probably one of the better ones in the series, although my personal favorite one will probably be the next one in the series after this one. Ms. Marple works as a maid at a house in the country to solve the murder of a woman who was killed on a train while Ms. Marple is taking a small trip into the nearby city of London.

She meets a whole bunch of interesting characters including a smug pervert who kind of reminds me of a 1960s British Quagmire, giggity, an upstart young kid who things he excels at everything and a grouchy older guy who spends most of his time in bed. A tune carries through out the entire movie and has something to do with the case although I am not quite sure what. We are also introduced to the supporting and recurring characters of Inspector Craddock and Mr. Stringer. Mr. Stringer was a character created outside of the actual book series for the purpose of giving Rutherford’s husband a chance to be in each of the movies and one of the best things to see in this series is the chemistry between Rutherford and her husband, which reminds me of an older version of the Thin Man series duo.

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