Barabbas (1961)

Barabbas is about a guy who is set free when Jesus is put to death instead. This is probably the most related to the Bible movie I will be doing for this blog. It is interesting following along with Barabbas while he finds out why it is that Jesus made it so that he was set free instead. This all leads to an interesting confrontation with a character played by Ernest Borgnine in some catacombs.

Barabbas wants to do what he was meant to no matter what that is and he ultimately decides that it is to help with a rebellion against the Roman Empire, which is something that many Jews believed during this time was the reason for God coming back to earth again. Christians knew differently, though, because they alone understood God did not come back to save his people from Rome so much as he did that to save his people from themselves.

This movie is an interesting analysis of one flawed character who not only perseveres through many different trials but also attempts desperately to figure out just what it is that has ensured his survival for so long. There is a lot of symbolism in this movie and most of it is centered around possibly the best scene of the movie, the darkness at the beginning of it from an eclipse.

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