Elmer Gantry (1960)


This was a movie about a guy named Elmer Gantry who joined a woman in her crusade for religion from the country to the big city. They develop a relationship during the movie and Elmer is haunted by a figure from his past. This seems like the kind of movie that was trying to say something, although I am still not quite sure what it was. Maybe the message was that people are what others make of them. Maybe it’s a representation of how incredibly fickle groups of people can be and how nobody is really that great of a person, we all have our own faults what ever those might be. Or maybe it’s just trying to tell us to live on the edge like Gantry because why the hell not?

Just like scripture itself at times, the message of this movie could be a dozen different things and it takes a deep thinker to think of them all and decide which one of those might be best. We’ll be getting to less heavy material later on thank God, but if nothing else this is the kind of movie that will really stick with you for years. You can trust me on that one…

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