Blob (1958)

We’ve all got to start somewhere and it would be a couple of years after this when McQueen would show up in a much better movie featuring a much better cast.

Steve McQueen has an early movie role in this horror movie about a meteor that crashes into the earth and a blob comes out of it, which is discovered by a guy living on the fringe of society. It quickly makes its way to the nearby town and kills a bunch of people including a memorable scene in a movie theater before they discover a way to finally keep it from killing anymore people without actually killing it. They then have it dropped into the arctic leading to a nice, little message about keeping the environment safe. After all, we wouldn’t want the blob to come back again and have its vengeance against us for not taking care of things. This is a good movie as far as late 1950s horror movies go and even has its own theme song, the first of several movies with this blog to feature a memorable song.

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