Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

Rumor has it, they’re still in that same desert to this very day…

This movie is about a woman who is captured by an alien and then becomes much bigger, the fifty foot woman. A couple of people go into the desert to search for the alien that the woman says she had encountered and they find a spaceship that also has a large alien in it. The interesting thing is we never really find out what happened to this alien by the end of the movie. They just throw a police car and that is the last we see of them, which means they could still be out there somewhere.

It’s interesting that for such a basic movie this one actually has quite a few plot holes and loose ends that were never tied up but that just adds to the camp value of the entire thing. Who ever wrote this script must have gone to the Ed Wood school of screen writing. I don’t understand why people gave Wood so much shit when there were plenty of other people out there making movies that were just as incompetent such as this one and if I really wanted to I could go down one of the most interesting rabbit trails in all of movies with all of the really campy horror thrillers that were made for drive ins and boasted incredibly out of date special effects during the late 1950s. These are the kind of things I watched a lot when I was young, which might explain a few things about me. Oh, well. It takes all sorts, doesn’t it?

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