Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (1953)

This has a strong possibility of being my favorite movie with Karloff, which just goes to show how much consideration I usually gave this horror movie actor. Lugosi all the way…

Abbott and Costello have another creature parody with this movie. This is definitely one of the campier movies in the series, maybe due to the creature itself. There is only so much you can do with the character of Mr. Hyde and for what it is worth this is my favorite Mr. Hyde movie, certainly far better than the actual sequel that came out of a couple of years before this.

Somehow this had more action and creature horror while at the same time entertaining us a lot more with the comedy antics of the comedy duo. However, it still didn’t manage to rise above the quality of O.K. I guess the best thing to say about this one is it was economical because there aren’t any slow parts and it goes at a consistent pace the entire time while not wasting too much time on dialogue aside from some obvious exposition during the first few lines of the movie.

We also get a pretty entertaining scene when Costello turns into a large mouse and causes Abbott to faint. Don’t get me wrong. I am sure you will be entertained a little by this one, but I would personally consider it to be the low point of the entire monster parody series with Abbott and Costello and it is not really surprising that this movie is skipped over by me most of the time.

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