Screaming Skull (1958)

Looks like Mickey has himself a picnic basket. Don’t look now, but Yogi Bear wants a part of this.

Most people now a days probably wouldn’t know this movie exists and that’s not surprising since this is one of those obscure movies that probably should remain forgotten. It’s an O.K. horror movie about a couple of people that move into a house out in the woods near a pond but it is only a matter of time before the wife starts being haunted by the ghost of the guy’s previous wife.

This is kind of a mystery because we need to find out whether it is the woman going insane due to a previous traumatic incident that put her in an asylum, the strange groundskeeper who really cared about the first wife or the spirit is real and is actually vengefully haunting her. This movie is a great example of how somebody with barely any resources or actors can get a movie done for next to nothing and still somehow make it memorable decades later.

There is only one location, an empty house, which they explain is empty because the furniture is on its way and five actors. This movie must have cost the guy who made it and also plays one of the five characters next to nothing to make. This is bottom of the barrel and apparently made the main actress throw up when they saw it, but I still think it is a good movie, if you want to see something so incredibly simple it’s practically a home movie that even picks up on the echoes coming from the wooden walls of the glorified cottage this entire movie takes place in.

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