Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Here we lay to rest Bela Lugosi’s career and a week later we will be laying to rest Bela Lugosi…

What a great way to pretty much finish up the 1950s. After doing a good number of movies from this decade most of which were either pretty good or really worth talking about, we take a slight detour with this mediocre movie that doesn’t take much critiquing to figure out there is something wrong with it. Even when I was a young child I had a fascination with this movie, one year it was all I wanted for Christmas… I also understood that it was bad, something I have only really gotten better about with more viewing experiences.

What makes this movie one of the worst, but not the worst because that title goes to another movie Ed Wood made after this one? Well, for one thing the main part of this movie, the aliens themselves are terribly done. It looks like they are all wearing pajamas from medieval times, they do the Macarena to salute each other and worst of all their ships wobble like the Titanic after hitting an iceberg. If you can get past these problems, though, this is hardly a movie that should be over looked since it might be Ed Wood’s most engaging movie.

I found myself paying attention to every little detail such as random buildings in the backgrounds of certain scenes. This was also the final movie after a long and interesting career from Bela Lugosi and officially closes with his death and replacement from a chiropractor a pretty damn big section’s worth of this blog. RIP Ghoul Man/Dracula

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