House On Haunted Hill (1959)

Hey there, honey. What’s happening?

Vincent Price makes his second appearance in a movie with this blog in a horror movie about a haunted house that is owned by Price’s character where he invites five people to show up to his house for a celebration although it is more like a survival game because none of the people is guaranteed to survive through the entire night. However, if they do make it through the night then they will receive a large amount of money for their troubles.

Some of the people need the money pretty badly and everybody shows up when they are asked to, but there are might be more motives afoot than just money in this creepy old house, one of the final dark house movies with this blog and probably the last serious one I am going to do. I say it is a serious movie because it is not an out right comedy but it never really takes things too seriously either since this was another movie made by the popular Castle who always focused more on a good time and giving people the maximum bang for their buck with not only a good movie but also a gimmick of some sort.

I have heard that the idea for this one was to have a skeleton during the great finale fly around the room but this was treated with some interesting responses when people threw their concessions at the thing. Anyway this movie is pretty much guaranteed to give you a good time, if you are not too tight wound of a person and you kind of like horror.

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