Tingler (1959)

This was a good movie to review for my 100th blog so far. Nice…

Tingler is about a creature that lives inside of people but apparently only manifests itself if the person experiences a considerable amount of fear. We get to our first Vincent Price movie with this blog and it’s a pretty good one, too, although it’s also pretty campy. Price plays a scientist who discovers the tingler but quickly the creature is used for no good by two different people. First off it is used to kill somebody’s wife when they are frightened to death, which would not be the first time that has happened in a movie so far with this blog. Maybe that is what happened to the woman in Scared to Death, too, which I keep going back to but you’d be amazed how many times somebody has attempted to kill somebody by frightening them first.

Price also uses a drug on himself to get himself to have hallucinations so he can cause himself to experience the tingler. At least the doctor who is played by a nicer than usual Price decides to try these things out on himself first. This all finishes with a nice little gimmick that must have been even better in the movie theater where this movie was being shown. It also offers some good interaction with the audience. If you are in a goofy mood or slightly toasted yell along with the movie and enjoy yourself. This movie is very inventive and enjoyable while showing off one of the nice gimmicks that a Castle movie has had.

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