Pillow of Death (1945)

Just got this movie in the mail, the final one of the Inner Sanctum series which I haven’t seen in a while. This is kind of similar to the other movie I reviewed today I Bury the Living, although it’s also sort of the opposite side of the coin. While Boone thought he was responsible for the deaths but finds out at the end who is actually responsible, Chaney is arrested early in the movie for the murder of his wife but is released because they do not have sufficient evidence against him to make a conviction of murder against him.

This is also an interesting movie in the series because it does not have the floating head at the beginning of the movie and instead of the usual voice in Chaney’s mind from his own perspective we fortunately get a lot less over dubbing and instead Chaney hears the voice of his murdered wife.

We also have some entertaining moments such as a raccoon that is making noises in the attic like it is actually a ghost and a secret passageway with a body hidden inside of it. This movie bounces between a couple of different possibilities for the murderer including a guy who says he is in love with the main woman and sneaks through passageways and a crazy aunt who locks Chaney along with the main actress in a closet and almost kills them with a convenient gas hose. Why would they even have a gas hose? I guess for the stove. Something I don’t think we have anymore these days.

The ending of the movie is brought to an abrupt conclusion when Chaney hears the voice of his wife leading him to one of the rooms and they all find out not only where the voice of his wife is coming from but also who the murderer is before they have their quick demise. There are so many twists and turns in this movie that make it interesting and this might be my favorite one in the series although I still think I like Frozen Ghost a little bit more than this one. Good, incredibly campy stuff even if it does show Chaney in slight decline with his agitation and his alcoholism to cope with that.

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