I Bury the Living (1958)

Richard Boone stars in this movie about a guy whose life seems to be going out of control when he is put in charge of a cemetery and starts to think that without meaning to he might have the power to control life and death by putting different kinds of pins into a map. This is a pretty offbeat movie and is an early example of independent movies. That being said it demonstrates how wild a movie not made by a major company could actually be.

There is a lot to appreciate about this movie because it has the wild imagination of Ed Wood only with pretty much everything else being a lot better. The budget can afford more things and makes the movie look pretty good. There are a couple of great scenes such as the main character running through a cemetery and since most of this movie is based around the cemetery map there are also quite a few scenes centered around the map and Boone’s interaction with the map. At certain points it almost seems like the map has taken a life of its own and is controlling things with some kind of telepathy. How ever this movie has a good mystery with an ambiguous ending that leaves us all wondering whether it was actually the map or maybe something else that did all of the killing in this movie.

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