Revenge of the Creature (1955)

Being tested by strange people for not much of a reason is likely to make anybody want… revenge.

This movie is about some scientists who go to the lagoon and capture the creature so they can bring it back to their amusement park in Florida and show it to people while doing tests on it. The beginning of this movie starts off pretty much the way it left off and the ending of the movie is pretty good, too, when the creature eventually escapes from the park. Unfortunately, the middle of this movie is pretty damn dull.

They do some tests on the creature which tell us nothing really that interesting aside from the fact that it is the missing link, which we already kind of knew. Also, there is a romantic subplot between a couple of characters, but it’s not really that important. This might not be the worst in the series but it is probably the least interesting since it is just a retread of the previous movie only with a lot of pointless things thrown in to make the movie longer.

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