Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

Looks like the creature is having a big one under water at this point.

The creature has their final movie in the trilogy with this interesting departure from the previous two movies. This time around it is able to breath air just like any other person due to an accident it has when some people try to catch it but they end up setting it on fire instead. The creature is badly burned and dying so the only option they have is to change it from its original self into something more human.

This is an interesting idea, and it would have been even better if most of the second half of this movie hadn’t become incredibly bogged down by an angsty noire overtone with some serious melodrama. The ending of this movie has the creature kill one of the scientists but this time it is more for the sake of justice than self preservation when it sees that same scientist kill another guy who works for him out of the fear of possibly losing his wife who seems to be losing interest in him.

The creature then sets out for the nearby beach but we do not know what happens after this. The entire series leaves us on a cliffhanger and we are left wondering what happened to the creature next. Did it manage to survive and go back to its original habitat? Did it revert to its old self again? These are questions that we may never have the answer to since this movie series is now more than half a century old. In other words a perfect time for some classic fan theories, if you are interested.

I actually wrote a story for the series called He Was the Creature just a year ago when I started to take more of an interest in this creature. My idea is that he stays in the country and becomes fully human, but alas it will never be canon. We will just have to deal with the fact that this ending of the third movie leaves us always wondering what did happen to the creature. I wish them the best of luck since I really came to appreciate them during the series.

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