Forbidden Planet (1956)


This was a science fiction movie and might have been the first one in this genre that people could actually take kind of seriously. I must admit that I myself don’t like this genre very much either. Most of the time except for a few exceptions it comes across as cold and geeky. However, this one I make a big exception for because I still think it is probably one of my favorite movies ever.

A large part of it has to do with how incredibly innovative it was from the decades ahead of its time sound track to the wonderful visuals. Few things have stuck in my mind for years and would remain there even if I didn’t watch this movie pretty regularly quite like when everything comes together in this movie while the spaceship first lands on the planet of Altair. We get some great pinch harmonics that sound like Zakk Wylde or some other guitar legend spinning off a long final note from one of their solos and the background is striking with the combination of desert and space sky.

This sound track would continue through out the entire movie with different moments of strength such as Morbeus played brilliantly by Walter Pidgeon telling the leader of the men that have arrived on the planet that he did not want them to be killed by the creature, a piece of music on the sound track called Night With Two Moons/Graveyard.

The robot is charismatic as well and we get some good animal moments with a tiger attacking the main characters and the robot playing around with a mischievous monkey. I could go on about this movie for quite some time and this might end up being the longest review I will do for this blog because this movie gives me so many different thoughts all at the same time and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to mention most.

Oh, there is also a nice scene with the main actress going swimming but not knowing what a swimming suit is, right up there with another swimming scene from the scientist woman in the previously reviewed Creature from the Black Lagoon movie. Great stuff. Would strongly recommend. An absolute classic in the science fiction genre. See it now, if you can.

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