Bride of the Monster (1955)

Lugosi and Johnson marvel over the killer tentacle monster they keep in their basement. Interesting…

Bela Lugosi shows up in this movie, one of the last ones in his career. How sad is that anyway? Pretty bad. Granted, it looks like one of his movies with Monogram but this was fifteen years later and pretty much everybody else had moved on from those. Not Wood, he wanted to make one of the cheap movies from the early 1940s and this movie ends up off beat and over looked.

This would be the final movie featuring dialogue from Lugosi even though he would show up in two more movies but neither of those would actually require him to act and one of those didn’t even really have much of him in it. I suppose this movie is O.K., but it could have been a hell of a lot better. Wood tried hard and he had a passion to make these things, which I think should be commended but if it hadn’t been an interesting final one of Lugosi’s movies I wouldn’t have even bothered with these. Believe it or not, they get worse later on, too, so hold tight and stayed tuned for the next Lugosi and Wood debacle which was even more infamous than this one was.

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