Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

This movie is about some people who go to a lagoon in the jungle because one of them found the remains of what they think is the fossil of a prehistoric man. It starts off as one of those searching for the missing link movies but they end up finding a lot more than they thought they would. Once they enter the lagoon they are hard pressed to leave again as the creature sneaks up on and picks them off one by one and also manages to barricade the way back again with a fallen branch from a tree.

This movie has some pretty good things going for it such as under water scenes with lots of swimming from the creature and other people. The peak moment of the movie might be when the woman of the group decides to go swimming without knowing the creature is there and the creature decides to swim with her. We also have a pretty good finale when the creature takes the woman with it into its cave where the main character goes to get her back again. I think the creature is a great character and fortunately we will be getting a couple more movies in the series with more creature action.

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