Naked Spur (1953)

Jimmy Stewart has his first movie since the second Thin Man movie back in the 1930s with this western about a guy who sets out to collect the bounty on a criminal played by Robert Ryan and ends up with both a woman and a couple of partners he doesn’t really want to have. The three people in charge of taking the bounty back to civilization inevitably end up in an argument and this leads to all kinds of problems.

This is a very simple movie but the baseness of it all is also its greatest strength. There are only five notable characters in this movie, which allows the movie to focus on each one of them and give them a lot to work with. There are only a couple of action scenes during this movie and one of them is unnecessary but the movie still manages to keep you entertained the entire time and maybe even make you think.

One issue I have with the 1950s was that even though they had some good movies from this decade the only really good movies I can think of from this one are all kind of sad and this movie ends on a very downbeat, somewhat nostalgic note. You can just tell that who ever made this movie felt a couple of different things. First off, they were making a gritty western, and second off they kind of missed making the movies that made people feel better just a decade before this one.

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