Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Barbara Stanwyk stars in this movie about a woman who spends all of her time in bed and finds out on the phone that somebody is going to be murdered. As the movie progresses she finds out that the intended victim is actually going to be her. She doesn’t really play that sympathetic of a character. As a matter of fact this movie kind of reminds me of Scared to Death which came out a year before this movie did.

I would say this was based off of Scared to Death since the main character and plot are similar in many ways but this movie was based off of something that was played on the radio. Anyway Stanwyk is pretty unlikable in this movie at least and it isn’t really that surprising that somebody would want her dead. She just needs to find out who before it is too late. There are a large number of suspicious and furtive people she talks with on the phone before the final tense climax.

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