High Noon (1952)

One single person attempts to make a difference against the forces of darkness when a train of doom reaches it destination.

This was a classic western from the early 1950s about one single guy who attempts to protect an entire town from an incoming danger that is supposed to show up at noon. This has a lot more than the usual western action. There is plenty of drama, too, and it says a lot such as sticking with the people you care for.

During the entire movie Cooper who plays the sheriff is looking for people who can help him out but during the entire movie everybody either gives up on him or the cause he is fighting for. People just don’t seem to have much confidence in him that he can protect the town they have all become accustomed to and one of the things I think this movie points out is the danger in becoming complacent and taking things for granted. You have to fight for what you have if you want to keep it and you have to fight for change if you think it needs to happen.

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