Abbott and Costello Meet Invisible Man (1951)

Keep that eye of the tiger, Lou, and keep both chins up as well.

Abbott and Costello have their second monster movie with them meeting the invisible man. We also get some pretty good boxing in this movie. Leonard Sheldon makes an appearance as a gangster, something he always seemed to be doing in his movies.

Fortunately, this movie over all turns out to be a lot better than the last movie Sheldon was in with a couple of comedians during this blog. We get some pretty good jokes during this movie and some memorable moments such as an interesting fight at a nice restaurant that leads to Abbott and Costello carrying the invisible man through a revolving door and this is all seen by the same guy who played Fred on the Lucy show and is now playing a police captain in this movie. We’re definitely in the 1950s now but that’s all right.

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