Love Happy (1950)

Ilona Massey discovers her one true love with a can of sardines. Meow…

The brothers have their final movie with this one and once again the series comes to an end just in time. Love Happy is clearly one of the cheaper movies in the series and it’s not just the people trying to put on a show that seem to be in trouble either. I find it interesting that the plot of this movie is similar to the same issues I see with this movie. This is a pretty cheap bare bones deal and comes across as kind of a dog at the end of the Marxes career.

Harpo is the only one who has anything good to do while Chico and Groucho are relegated to cheap sight gags and narrating respectively. I suppose the couple of bright spots would be Ilona Massey as a top notch femme fatale with some great moments such as interrogating Harpo and the finale when Harpo is chased across the roof by a few criminals including future Perry Mason.

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