Holiday Affair (1949)

Mitchum decides to take a break from busting people up and doing hard drugs illegally for this comfortable holiday movie.

Robert Mitchum has his first movie with this blog in a movie that was a little out of his usual line. He stars in a Christmas movie with a charming actress and her son. The plot is that two people accidentally get together around the Christmas holiday season and it sets up a love triangle. This is a pretty standard story and I probably wouldn’t remember it either if it weren’t for the out of character performance from noire movie actor, Robert Mitchum.

Instead of his usual gritty role he plays it sunshiny and lackadaisical. Mitchum is content to amble along and be nice to everybody, not that he had much of a choice considering he had just gotten out of prison. This entire movie was meant to clean up his image and I think for a short amount of time it might have succeeded but he was always meant to be the tough guy in movies and would go back to that again soon in both creepy movies and at least one western that we will be getting to later on.

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