Africa Screams (1949)

They really monkey around in this movie. Also, this might be my last gorilla pun for a movie with this blog, but stay tuned because I might have forgotten one later on.

Abbott and Costello have this movie outside of their monster series when they take a trip to Africa. In some ways this might actually be an improvement on their monster movies. While their monster movies focused a lot on horror and story, this one just serves as a vehicle for their comedy, which is something I greatly appreciate. I don’t think anybody did comedy schtick better than these two guys and this movie is a great example of that. They could hoke it up like nobody else could.

Besides them, there’s also a guy dressed in a gorilla outfit making this the fifth time that has happened with this blog. Also, not one but two of the three stooges show up in this movie outside of their usual stooge work. Joe is funny as a butler kind of guy who sets his own tent on fire and tries to put it out with many cups of water while Shemp is a highly unsuccessful hunter who can’t even see Africa while they are there.

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