Thin Man Goes Home (1944)

Donald Meek described this painting as not being very good but I’ll have to agree with Loy because I actually kind of like the look of it.

Powell and Loy go to the home town of the Thin Man in this movie where they meet the father of the Thin Man and find another murder mystery waiting for them there. This is probably one of the weaker ones in the series. Most of this movie is filler and it’s pretty obvious, too. We also get some comic relief at the expense of Loy that is kind of strange and might be seen now a days as politically incorrect. It was a different time but some things don’t necessarily progress that well over time. This movie does get some points for having a good conspiracy plot, though, since several people are trying to get a painting that is hiding some plans for an important engine being used in the war effort. Other than some good war intrigue, this movie is rather average and may be a little demeaning.

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