Shadow of the Thin Man (1942)

Seeing Loy attempt to strangle Powell might have been the most engaging part of this movie…

After the first three Thin Man movies, a couple of which were pretty good because they had a good story or featured good supporting actors, the series definitely seems to decline a little bit with this fourth one in the series. It’s still kind of good. Powell and Loy are bantering together and they do wonderful when they have a movie together. However, other than that this movie is somewhat slim pickings.

We get the same cop who was in the second movie but I don’t think he is as effective as Pendleton or Kruger. We also get a couple of good red herrings such as a sleazy criminal who kind of reminds me of a poor man’s Martin Koslek. There are a few set pieces that are pretty memorable such as Powell riding around on a carousel and keep your eyes open for Tor Johnson making a cameo as a wrestler. Other than all of that, this movie is pretty mediocre.

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