Scared to Death (1947)

Congratulations. You can now say you have seen Lugosi in color and now know exactly what his face looked like at this age.

Bela Lugosi shows up in this movie with color, the only color movie in his career. It’s a strange movie and the main plot seems to revolve around a mask that randomly appears at a window and scares the life out of a woman who has been targeted for death by an old enemy of hers from another country who she thought was dead and had tried to get away from. We’re not really that sad to see her go since she is a jerk to everybody including the goofy cop played by Nat Pendleton. There is one scene during this movie when she throws a head at him. It’s a fake head, but still quite the thing to do. Bottom of the barrel late 1940s horror movie that will probably win no new fans and only please diehards of the genre.

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