Strange Confession (1945)

“Do you believe this guy?” thinks Lon Chaney when he comes home from work.

Strange Confession is an interesting movie with Lon Chaney Jr. For one thing he is playing a good person in this movie that you really seem to care for, a doctor who is making medicine to cure people. His problems occur when his boss becomes greedy and decides to release the medicine to the public during an epidemic before it is actually ready despite Lon Chaney sending him a message while he is in another country to wait until they have the final concoction. Lon Chaney comes home again to discover what his boss has done and has his revenge against him for screwing things up really badly.

This in some ways might be the dullest of the entire Inner Sanctum series and that includes my personal least favorite one in the series, Weird Woman, but as just an ordinary movie that wasn’t really meant to be a thriller or a horror movie it actually kind of works. I’d say the biggest issue with this movie is like the other movies with that ominous guy talking from a glass ball at the beginning of the movie you expect something a little more out there than what you actually get with this relatively conservative affair. Aside from the very ending nothing really thrilling happens during this movie and there are barely any people killed at all. However, due to the fact that the story is kind of interesting and the acting from everybody is pretty good, particularly Chaney in a sensitive role, this isn’t a bad movie if you are looking for something a little different from the rest of the series.

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