Night In Casablanca (1946)

The Marxes try to recapture that old spark.

Due to the fact that Chico had lost some considerable money at gambling the brothers all came back again for two more movies in their series. This was the better one of the two. The war had come to an end and things were trying to return to normal, but it was a slow process and lots of intrigue still occurred. That is why the Marx Brothers in this movie take on nazi spies trying to take over a hotel for the treasure that is hidden in an elevator.

It is obvious that it has been five years since the brothers last had a movie since not only do they seem older now, they’re also trying to get back to the formula that made them a success. It’s an O.K. movie for people who really like the brothers, but I personally will stick with their older stuff most of the time. That being said we have another one of their trademark finales this time on a plane. It’s an O.K. movie.

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