Zombie On Broadway (1945)

This was a good movie to start February with.

A couple of guys work at a night club for a gangster played by Leonard Sheldon. They decide to advertise that they are going to have a zombie at opening night but word gets around that their zombie is actually a fake so they have to get another one from an island or Sheldon will have them both whacked. They go to the island and encounter Lugosi who is playing a scientist that is making his own zombies with a concoction in a syringe. After dealing with Lugosi and his zombie that Lugosi keeps in the basement of a castle the two guys get a concoction that they bring back to the night club.

This might be one of the campiest movies I have ever seen. For one thing, the two comedians in this movie were the poor man’s version of Abbott and Costello. In case Abbott and Costello are too main stream for you, you could always enjoy these knock off versions of the classic comedy duo or not as the case may be. They aren’t terrible, but Abbott and Costello are definitely better. They have a couple of funny moments but their schtick is pretty weak, For another thing, this movie has some interesting sets with the castle and the basement where the zombie is kept. I think one of the best parts about this movie was the monkey, which was well trained and did a lot of goofy things such as knocking one of the comedians unconscious with a skull during a fight and doing a zombie walk so that it could escape the island with the other main characters.

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