Frozen Ghost (1945)

Lon Chaney Jr. has his next movie in the Inner Sanctum series with this movie about a wax museum and a hypnotist who is supposedly killing people with his eyes. This movie also stars Martin Kosleck from the previous movie with this blog once again as a sleazy villain only this time compounding his villainous tendencies is his lack of connection with reality. He makes the figures for the museum and seems to be about as obsessed as Atwill was in Mystery of the Wax Museum.

Both helping and hindering Chaney at the same time is Douglas Dumbrille who plays a detective that for most of the movie thinks Chaney is guilty until they discover otherwise at the end of the movie. Featuring a very interesting wax museum collection inside of an old house and some really campy moments such as Koslek throwing a knife three times at different people and missing each time, this movie is by far the most entertaining one in the Inner Sanctum series so far making up for the incredibly bad Weird Woman and the somewhat annoying Dead Man’s Eyes.

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