Pursuit to Algiers (1945)

This is probably one of the lightest movies in the entire series both with the tone and with the plot. After a dozen movies, most of which had a quick pace and some of them with complicated plots, this one just seems to amble along without taking things to seriously. In other words this movie was just a simple romp. Holmes and Watson escort a king on a boat to his destination while dealing with people who want to assassinate the king.

The assassins try a couple of different methods, but each time Holmes manages to stop their plans. We get another twist at the ending, which is pretty good, too. One thing to take note of is Martin Koslek, an interesting actor, plays one of the assassins who is good at knife throwing and kind of reminds me of Mischka and Grisckha. Koslek had a couple of interesting movie roles during the mid 1940s another of which we will be getting to with our next movie in which he yet again throws knives at people.

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