Woman In Green (1945)

As if we didn’t have enough reason already to fall asleep while watching this one…

This might be the campiest movie in the entire Holmes series and for good reason since if I remember correctly this movie was actually part of the show that they based off of this movie series. I watched the show a long time ago and don’t remember much about it either. Not much happens in this movie and it drags on for too long, which is pretty interesting considering it is only like an hour long. We could have definitely had more of a story or better characters or something to keep this one going.

Anyway this movie is about hypnotism and blackmail. Apparently, Prof. Moriarity is back in this movie for the third time during the series with Henry Daniell playing the professor this time around. Daniell is O.K. as a villain but not nearly as good as either of the previous two actors to play the professor, Zucco and Atwill. The entire movie is pretty average and a sign that sadly we are coming towards the end of what I consider to be the golden age of movies during the 1930s and first half of the 1940s. We’ve got a bunch of other movies to go through just for this year but I think this is the first sign we are winding down and moving towards the later decades of movies.

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