Sherlock Holmes and House of Fear (1945)

After a week of doing blogs for other movies we are back to our favorite movie series of the 1940s with the Sherlock Holmes series. There was no detective better than Rathbone as Holmes and this movie has a decent plot with a conspiracy idea to collect insurance money. Somebody within a group of people at a house in an isolated location appears to be sending orange pits to people from the group before they are murdered. As the number of people becomes fewer and fewer during the entire movie, Holmes comes closer and closer to what is actually going on.

This is yet another movie in the dark house genre and we get some long extended scenes with people wandering around the house. Bruce has a hilarious scene when he starts shooting at anything that moves in a room and Inspector Lestrade comes back again to do his usual befuddled routine. The ending of the movie might come as a bit of a let down but it also might surprise a good number of people who have not seen the movie before so I guess the ending is kind of a mixed bag.

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