And Then There Were None (1945)

We get a different from usual mystery movie with this one about a group of eight people who go to an island out in the middle of the ocean. There are two people already there who are working there, which makes it ten people total or should I say ten little Indians since that is what the murderer in this movie seems to consider everybody to be. Sort of a crazy way of looking at things but not only does Mr. UN Owen consider these people to be Indians, the murderer also insists on sticking to their nursery rhyme for each murder. There are plenty of twists and turns during this movie due to the fact that it was based off of a book written by Agatha Christie, one of the best mystery writers of all time. It’s nice to see a movie with some actual intelligence behind it, even if some of that is lost in translation. Way I remember it the original book had quite the different ending to it, but I suppose Hollywood wanted to make it more happy during the last couple of years of the war so a couple of people actually survive this time around.

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