Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

John Wayne has his first movie with this blog in a movie that was out of the ordinary for Wayne in a couple of different ways. First off, this movie isn’t a western, it’s about some ships on the ocean and the people who sailed them. Second off, he’s the antagonist for most of this movie until the twist ending leads to him doing something in typical Wayne fashion kind of heroic.

Ray Milland is the protagonist in this movie so it is clear this is early in the careers for both of them since Milland later on would just be a cold blooded villain most of the time. Having the actors mixed up with the casting was not the only problem for this one either. This movie was clearly made on a decent budget, something most of the movies did not have the luxury of in the early 1940s with the war in full swing and most of the resources of the country being used on the war effort.

That being said, this movie comes across as more of a spectacle than anything else and some of the parts of this movie have not held up too well when they are compared with the great advancements we have in special effects today. That being said, this movie has a couple of good actors trying to make the most of their movie roles and manages to entertain for a couple of hours.

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