Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

We have the last of the Frankenstein sequels for this blog, there are a couple other ones after this movie when the creature meets other horror monsters but I never really cared for those that much and will probably skip over all of them because I eventually want to get to the 1950s and beyond with this blog. It’s a pretty good movie to finish on for the creature. We get a lot of good action and the story is O.K. but this movie is entertaining at least. We no longer have Rathbone as the doctor but Atwill is back again as an assistant and Chaney takes over as the monster.

There are some scenes in this movie that make it very obvious the creature is now being played by a different actor such as when the monster is standing in a doorway. Chaney has a much more towering/lumbering style to his creature while Karloff might have been a little less imposing but was also somehow far more intimidating. That being said, if you are not expecting too much from your third sequel in this series it is actually pretty good. I enjoyed it and I guess that is all that really matters.

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