Son of Frankenstein (1939)

Basil Rathbone from the Sherlock Holmes series plays the famous scientist this time around as he resurrects the monster who long lay dormant after being blown up by its own hand in the previous movie. We get a couple of other pretty good actors in this movie, too, making for one hell of an opening credits title with Bela Lugosi playing the Igor character and even Lionel Atwill showing up as a police captain who had a long history with the creature ever since he was a child. Many of the things that are in this movie also showed up in the Frankenstein movie parody Young Frankenstein so I suppose that is something. This might be my favorite one in the Frankenstein series. We get a lot of good action and some great acting, which isn’t surprising considering how much talent was all in the same movie and at the top of their games, too.

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