Pearl of Death (1944)

Now we’re getting somewhere.

For my money, this is the best one in the series. It has a good plot. Holmes must find a stolen pearl before a couple of criminals get to it. Everybody is in fine form with this one. Holmes despite making a mistake early on solves the mystery at a good pace. Watson offers some great character moments with comic relief. There is a highly enjoyable extended sequence between Watson and the main villain who is in disguise while trying to kill Holmes with a death trap inside of a book. We get some filler during this part of the movie but it’s pretty entertaining. Furthermore this is another of the sporadic appearances from Inspector Lestrade in this movie series and this might be his best movie in the series. All around this is a highly enjoyable movie and I would recommend it to either people who are interested in mystery movies or people who just like Sherlock Holmes movies.

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